Warm Weather Beard Tips - No Summer Shaving


"Oh no, the weather's getting warmer, maybe it's time to shave my beard?"  That annual warm weather question is one that many bearded men face. Just how to handle their facial hair during those warmer, sunnier months?

Simple logic seems to imply that having a lot of hair on your face can lead to getting overheated, making you feel hot and sweaty a lot faster. However, most newer beardsman don't realize that your beard won't actually warm your face in any significant way (True story!). In fact, your beard actually shields your face from the sun, and also provides a marginal amount of natural sunscreen.  

However, there are seasonal changes that will impact how your beard looks, styles, and feels during warmer weather, so let's go over some tips to keep your beard looking and feeling its best during the heat of Summer.

Change Your Beard Wash Routine

With the warmer weather, more people spend their time outside. But the more time you spend outside, the faster your beard will become dirty.  Simply put, there is more pollen in the air, car windows being down will blow in more dust, outside projects will kick up some dirt, and chlorine & salt water also will build up in that majestic facial hair, and let's not forget all the smoke from campfires and barbecue grills!  

This means you'll find yourself needing to increase your beard wash routines - from 2-3 times a week, to nearly 4-5 times a week. Remember, if you don't clean your beard enough, it will collect residues from both your grooming routine and the environment, and will make your beard harder to manage!  

In addition, not washing more frequently can also lead to clogging the pores along your beard hairs, which then leads to itching and pimples-- and that’s an experience nobody wants.  

Trust us, this warm weather change is a great time to stock up on your favorite beard washes and conditioners.  

Stay Hydrated!

We realize we harp on this a lot, but with all the increased activity and increased temperatures, you will be losing more fluids throughout the day.  

Not staying properly hydrated not only makes your body feel less healthy, but it impacts the health of your beard-leading to more shedding, and an overall drier feeling beard.  Staying well hydrated is the simplest way to help manage both problems. Remember, water is best!  Avoid excess caffeine, as well as excess alcohol, as those will accelerate your dehydration.

Adjust Your Beard Product Use

You may find that with the increased humidity in the air, your beard will respond differently than it does in the drier air of winter.  

For some bearded guys with more coarse/porous beards, you will find your beards 'draw up' more moisture from the air, and may need a little extra help in the styling department. 

Experiment with adding a quick blow-dry to the end of your grooming routine, to help fully dry and 'set' your beard style.  Keeping a wide tooth comb or pick on hand during the day will also help to untangle your snags, and keep things 'flowing' in the right direction.

For those gentlemen with more soft, less dense/coarse beards, you may find that you may only require beard oil to obtain your desired style -- without the use of more butter or balm. Experiment with your product mix, to see what works best for you.

Just remember, it’s important not to give up products all together!  Even with staying hydrated and having more humidity in the air, your beard can still dry out if not properly cared for-- trust us when we say that extra sunshine is no joke.

Should You Trim?

For guys with really long beards who are struggling, or afraid they won't make it with their beard, it's ok to trim and try out a new style.  But, there's really no need to shave it all off. 

Consider sporting a "business beard" style that remains closer to the face, and a max of 3 inches long from the bottom lip through the chin.  We have a great article that goes into how you can trim your own beard at home, and keep your bearded style intact.

Beards Are Not Seasonal

Beards have been the norm for the majority of human history, and are not a trend or something that is 'only for cold weather.'  

By making some simple adjustments for your beard, you can remain facially fabulous this summer, while still keeping your cool.

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