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Dude Mack

Another winner! Just bought more Dude Mack!!!


Another great product. I really liked the smell of this one. The product is great as always. Writing this review, and then off to order more.

Great product.

Nice, gentle wash that I use daily. Great for a morning routine.

Dude, it's sweet & awesome

Coconut, one of my all time favourite flavors & scents, goes swimmingly with agave. It's the right blend of sweet, and not overbearingly sugary. Love how it feels & lasts all day. Add it to your line up - do it now.

First of many purchases

Love this stuff. First time I purchased this and I will be doing more. Smells great and keeps those stray hairs in place.

Works great!

I bought the daily wash along with the beard oil. This is my first time using any bread products and I am very pleased with both of them. Highly recommend to anyone. On top of that, it being a family owned business is what pulled me towards their website and service.

Love the scents

I love the Dude Mack scent. I am one who likes a scent that lingers but is not overbearing, a scent that does not announce your arrival in the room before you get there,
like some colognes of today. I want to still sense the smell through out the day. Dude Mack does it for me.

My go to!

The Mad Mack has been my go to since I took Dan C’s recommendation. The scent is fantastic and it definitely softens the beard.

Best product i have used so far

This product is better than 4 different shampoos i have used so far.

The smile alone awesome added awesome ingredients

Great Scent!

I had been a while since I last purchased from the Bearded Mack. Love this new scent.


This product is great. Smells good & works on beard. Shipping was very swift.

Dude, it's sweet

Dude Mack is another great scent. Sweet, but not sugary, lasts all day and makes you feel like you're on vacation, enjoying the sun. Get it, you'll be glad you did.


The smoothest beard butter I've ever used!!! Smells great and feels fantastic in beard. Would 100% recommend.


The tropical storm Mack is wonderful!!! This oil smells amazing and feels great in beard. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have a good product for their beard.

Great scent!!

This is one of my all-time favorite scents! The lavender is SO calming and the tea tree and peppermint keeps it super fresh!

Love it, but scent could be a bit stronger

The oil works great and I love the does my family. I just wish the scent was about 15-20% stronger. I'll buy it again though.

Great product

Daily wash leaves my beard clean and you only need a small amount of product. I will definitely purchase again

Beard Oil Sample Pack
J.R. Reynolds
Sample Kit

So far, I like all the scents I have tried. The oils feel like they are nourishing the skin under my beard, and my beard is silky soft. Very good product.

My gray beard love this oil

I love there oil. It’s a medium consistency and smells great. Awesome spring smell Great ingredients.

It’s butter 🧈

A little goes a long way. Smells great and melts fast. Not tacky or sticky at all. This is a great spring smell. Nice job BM

Thick conditioner

Great conditioner, softens the beard and feels good in the beard. Highly recommend

Love the solid bar soap

Long lasting bar, you don’t need much before it lathers up, great smell and Cleans the beard well
It’s definitely a bright spring smell


I love this product! My beard feels very clean and the smell is great!! I would recommend this product and will continue to buy these products 👏🏼