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Great oil!!!

Love how it makes my beard feel and smell. Looking forward to trying some of the other scents !!

My Bubbles!!

Amazing scents and amazing lather. Who would have thought that honey, milk and oat would have such and outstanding masculine scent. Refreshing lime and basil, perfect musk, amber and vanilla and fruity black raspberry vanilla (wife’s favorite). Best price for a bar that will last you a while. Get you some enjoy and thank me later.

IMHO, "TBMGC" has the best Beard Balm out there.

I very seldom use beard balms, but as of lately, whenever I do, I find myself reaching for "TBMGC" beard balm. The quality, feel in beard and results are always amazing! My long goatee feels soft, well nourished and every strand of hair kept in it's place. Love this "The 18th Mack" scent!! Highly recommend all of "The Bearded Mack" beard products. This is my second time leaving a review for this balm, IMO, it's that good. Get you some, your beard or goatee will thank you. Let it grow!

New customer who dis?

This was my fist time experiencing the Mack. If you're on social media, the hype is not false. This is one of the best oils I found for my gray beard. This and the poured butter which I put both on in the morning leave my beard super soft all day long. The 18th Mack scent profile comes out of the bottle strongly smelling of bourbon (not a problem for me). That quickly calms down and the smell of pears comes through. For me. the leather and oak are very subtle and just help mellow the bourbon and round out the scent profile. If you haven't tried this scent or the Mack at all, run, don't walk and get you some today!

Awesome. Just Awesome!!!

Love the bearded Mack. Ordered roaring 20’s and Honourable Mack. And I love them both. Oil and butter amazing feel in beard and can style my beard just awesome with there whipped and poured butter. Just ordered 4 more of there lineup and the conditioner. If you don’t have some MACK in your beard rotation you really need to!!!! Just awesome stuff.

Devoted Mack

The Devoted Mack is one of my top scents from Bearded Mack and it makes sense why whren it was originally made for Fathers Day only, amd it was so good Chris brought it back to the main lineup for good. It’s such a great clean manly or masculine scent! Tough to beat! Get you your bottle of the Devoted Mack your beard won’t regret it!

Bar sioap

Man this Bar soap is fantastic. I like the Amber , Vanilla and musk one the most myself. They are all honestly great though, the black raspberry and vanilla one has taken over the smell of my closet. I must have the best smelling closet in the country. If you haven’t tried the bar soaps yet..YOU NEED TO!!


This stuff is amazing and it really takes care of the beard. Smells amazing too!

The log cabin mack

Wow, wow, wow...
What an amazing beard oil. The scent is out of this world, and the skin feels great. Everything I've been looking for. And I've tried many beard oil companies out there. And I have to say, THIS IS IT.... thank you so much.

Beard Wash and Conditioner

I'm still pretty new at growing a beard over the past 3 months. So the first product i got was something I bought at a store. Compared to the product that I bought at the store to the product Bearded Mack makes. Hands down Bearded Mack beat the other product by making my beard feel much cleaner and softer.

Butter is SO good! (and the oil and balm)

My girlfriend got me the butter as a gift and I purchased the oil and balm for myself. The scent is amazing! My girlfriend tried some of the butter on her dry elbows and it worked better for her than anything she's tried so now she's buying some for herself just for that.

Love it!

Yet another great new scent from you guys! Sucks that it took so long to get to me thanks to the USPS not being so great. But I don’t hold that against you!

New go-to beard products

Just received my first order of Roaring 20s and Gentleman Mack beard oil and poured butter. I love the way the oil and butter feels in my beard. The scents are AMAZING! My wife loves the scents as well. I can’t wait to order more products from this company.

Log cabin oil and butter

So this had a great smell that last for hours it left my beard feeling soft and the butter helped to keep its shape loved it

Fantastic Beard Oil

This was my first purchase from the Bearded Mack. Thanks to the USPS I had to wait a little longer to finally try this oil and it was was well worth it. The Roaring 20’s smells like a fancy, sophisticated yet fun and rebellious barbershop. It smells amazing. Very unique. And the scent strength is perfect. Not too strong but will last for hours. My beard feels soft and healthy and styles well with just the oil on its own. I prefer to not use balms or butters during the day and with Bearded Mack’s oils I can do that. I highly recommend this scent, as well as the Log Cabin, and I look forward to trying other scents and products from The Mack.

Excellent feel and scent

I am well pleased with this product as the scent is perfectly blended. Not to strong and lasts many hours. Most importantly is the in feel beard. Spot on! Great choice in carrier oils. I will buy more products. Thank you for caring for my beard. Ken.

Smells amazing

Just got this scent and roaring 20s scent in the mail first thing I did was open them just to smell them. The roaring 20s has just a classic smell to it and the revolutionary Mack has such a fresh fruity sorta smell but not overly fruity. Great stuff can’t wait to try different scent!!

My new favorite!

This is such an amazing oil. Im so impressed with this feel in beard... And totally knocked over with this scent. My wife keeps asking what this is... And where it comes from. Again such an amazing feel and quality from the Bearded Mack. Very impressive.

Amazing, love it!

So fresh and so clean!!

First off they smell great!! Love the eucalyptus... The wash has left my beard clean and ready for the day... The condition you get from the beard conditioner is super soft and smooth. Cant go wrong hear. Amazing stuff! Truly satisfied!! Just add some of that sweet Mack oil and your ready for the day!

Great wash

Smells incredible. Does a good job of cleaning my beard.



Wow...what a great scent and I knew I would love the feel in beard with both oil and butter. Another great product I have purchased from this company; keep it up Bearded Mack!

Great beard product

This stuff not only smells great, it works. My beard is soft and healthy looking thanks to the help of Breaded Mack, it always smell nice too.

This is the real deal

I’ve tried several beard oils over my years. I like the oil, it does what it needs to, nice shine, not super oily, but this scent package is by far my favorite ever! Subtle but strong enough to let you know it’s there. Reminds me of the locker room from a exclusive country club. Old leather, bourbon, cigars and a putting green. I love this stuff.