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The solid beard wash bar is incredible. I was skeptical at first but after using it for a week, it has become my go to daily beard wash.

Great beard wash

Probably the best wash I’ve ever used. Gentle enough for every day. 5/5

Top tier quality

This butter smells and melts down nicely, but more so nourishes my coarse beard very fast leaving it ULTRA soft! Even upon waking in the morning, beard remains feathery and smelling fantastic!


Absolutely fantastic oil!

This oil absorbs fast and leaves
My beard feeling super nourished and manageable. Scent is amazing as well, ideal for everyday.


My favorite beard products period!

I truly love this company. I have pretty much every sent of oil made and love them all.

Wonderful Beard Oils

I have been using these beard oils for a few weeks now and like all of the scents.

Damn this is good

This is my favorite scent for oil and butter by far! I just stocked up and got the balm as well. You guys rock

Too sweet

Thought this would have been a darker smelling scent. Don't get me wrong I like just would have been 5 stars if it was more of a rugged scent

The best of the best

It is the best thing i have used in my beard!A great product!Love how it makes my beard feel after using it! I am very happy that i get to have this product here in Greece.

Great oil

Makes my beard feel soft and smell great!!

Still the best

Even with a slight change it’s still my favorite scent of all time


The leather on here is stronger than what the nighthawk was. Good job on this Chris

Solid beard wash bar

Very good . Very good scent !!


If you were a fan of the original you gotta pick this one up. Much better scent in my opinion

Awesome wash

Started my beard journey once it got long enough for it to naturally fall downward I began to notice dead skin flakes primarily on my chin area. This wash along with the conditioner from this site helped get rid of them instantly. Also a Chicago comb to help exfoliate as well to get to the skin. And all thanks to tha man Dan C for all informational tips and advice to help my journey

New Beardmack Priducts

Wish the scents were stronger. Like the feel and results of the oil and butter

One of my favorite oils!

Very sophisticated scent profile for this wonderful oil, one of my favorites.

Just a damn good butter

This butter is very nourishing and provides a little bit of hold to shape my beard & tame my fly aways. The butter also helps with my dry skin on my arms and hands. Very excited to try more products from this great company!

Phenomenal Oil!

Before trying Icy Mack, I wasn't big on Peppermint scents, but man oh man did this change my mind. I had the Icebreaker before when it was WnH and I must say that Bearded Mack made an already great oil even better! The oil left my skin smelling great and beard soft and healthy all day long! I am very excited to try more products from this great company.

Too sweet

I like it but was hoping this would have been a darker scent.

So good!

I have a few Mack scents and love each one. Very long lasting and the feel in beard in amazing. The balm though... if you want a balm with some hold this is it, it is stiff. The butter is also very full bodied compared to other butters out there. 11/10... would highly recommend.

Deadwood Mack

Great feel in beard, awesome scent.

Sleepwalker is Dreamy

Really dig this scent - lavender & vanilla is a great combo, and carries me though the day.

Deadwood Mack

Strongest, darkest scent in the lineup. Rich tobacco, smooth leather and a musk note. Fantastic 🔥

Beard oil

Love the lavender and vanilla scent. Good night time oil. Carrier blend is nice. Make some beard nice and soft and easy to get ready in the morning.