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This is my favorite so far! It smells great all day and I really like how the sent slowly changes throughout the day. My beard and skin feel amazing! Great product!

Tropical Storm Mack
T. Blackburn
Return to the Islands

This oil will definitely take you to the islands...smooth, sweet and zesty.

Honorable Mack
T. Blackburn
A new favorite

Exploring products for that in beard smell and achieving that Macked effect. Love it.

Whatcha Need!

Excellent oil, with amazing smell in beard. Extremely happy, as a new product to try. Cannot go wrong with this one...great blend if carrier oils.


Another must have. I held off ordering this one for a while but now wish i got it sooner. Excellent cologne like smell and as always Bearded Mack has the best carrier blend you can get!

The Command Mack
Steven Hart
Love this scent profile

While I enjoy watching Dan C's YouTube channel, I have never liked any of his collaborative scent profiles. Hence, I was hesitant to make this purchase. After reading some of the positive online reviews and enjoying all of the Bearded Mack's other scents I decided to give it a try and hope for the best. I am very glad a made that leap of faith. This scent profile is a homerun.

Solid stripping shampoo

An excellent shampoo. It’s definitely stripping, but not at all damaging. 4 stars


Purchased The Roaring 20's oil and butter about 2 weeks ago. I love the scent and my wife likes it too. Fast shipping. Quality products. Amazing scents.👍

Beautifully-Crafted and Useful

The handmade combs are incredible! Beautifully-crafted with at least two distinct wood stain color, the comb fits neatly in your hand and is great for long beards and even your hair! The actual comb is a bit thick so it can be harder to use on shorter hairs but overall, I am VERY happy with this purchase! Keep it up Mack, you're top-notch!

Honorable Mack combo

Been wanting to try Bearded Mack and from a review and recommendation from someone I trust in the community. I went with Honorable Mack. Let me say this person still has my trust. I went with the whipped butter in this combo, first time trying any whipped butter. Not only is the scent awesome but it makes my beard feel soft all day. Amazing stuff, nice products Chris.

Gentleman’s Mack
Garrett Dobbs
Amazing Product!

Finally started using beard oil and the difference it has made is amazing. Doesn't hurt that my girl is obsessed with the scent. Just purchased 3 more bottles of others scents to try them out.

The Command Mack
Dave Ferguson
Refreshing scent

Enjoying the fresh scent of the oil/butter combo in the Command version. Been using both often!

The Command Mack
Thomas Wellman
Amazing Scent

Another Amazing Scent By Chris!! Feels great in beard!! I highly Recommend trying this Scent with his Colab with DanC.

The Command Mack
Kevin Marks

Good feel in beard

Incredible Oils

I am a fragrance and beard oil collector and enthusiast and The Bearded Mack is some of the best smelling oil I have used to date. The scents are great (especially Gentleman's Mack) and feel absolutely incredible in beard. I would recommend this oil to anyone with a beard of any caliber!

Great scents but...

Love most of the scents but in my pack, I ordered two bottles of the roaring 20s and only got one. The other bottle was one I didn't want, the devoted. A scent that I'd tried before and didn't like. Not worth the loss of a star rating but worth mentioning.

Beard Oil 3 Pack

I'm honestly at a loss for words...first of all the beard oils are my opinion the greatest smell and ingredients. Second dispite the postal issues...the oils arrived in a decent time...the Bearded Mack has a unique talent and gift of making such a quality beard oil thank you!!!

Adulting in finally FUN!

Remember wearing ICEE all over your face as a kid, even if it was unintentional and your mom got mad? Remember how good it smelled? Now you can do it on purpose, for fun, with no mad, bad and dangerous to know mom comin' at cha with the napkin and infamous scowl. No more washing your face afterwards! No more sitting in the corner! This stuff smells so good it needs to have a warning label that's it's intended to be worn and not consumed as an energy shot. You're gonna wanna lick yourself. And yeah, others will too. Embrace the smell, embrace the lick.

The Log Cabin Mack
Nicholas Z 8/16/2021

A wonderful scent deep in woody aroma last through out the day

Devoted Mack
Mark Brown
Devoted Mack

Amazing scent. Warm clean refreshing cologne. To me I could wear this daily. It’s has citrus in it but not a spring or summer only scent to me. I’ll wear year round. I have 5 Bearded Mack oils and butters and this is my favorite. It took crown from Honorable Mack. Exotic blend that leave my skin and beard soft and hydrated and gives beard the best growing environment w/how good the carrier blend is fir skin.

Natural Mack
vakhtang kvaratskhelia
Great beard butter

It is very nourishing for the beard and at the same time it's light

The Command Mack
Jordan Calderwood
Sweet and Pleasant

So many good scents to choose from, this is another winner. Been digging it for a while, will restock when I run out.

Roaring 20’s

The Bearded Mack uses one of the best carrier blends you’ll find, feels great in your beard! For the Roaring 20’s I get mostly a masculine fresh leather and vanilla smell, with subtle cherry. Really like this one, several compliments

Amazing Carrier blend

Finally tried The Bearded Mack Grooming Co for the first time. The carrier blend ingredients list might just be the longest of anything I own! Feels quite amazing too. I used the oil/butter lastnight after my shower and my beard feels awesome this morning. I can still smell it in my beard as well and its been 12hrs. You definitely pick up the citrus and cherry at first but it mellows out. Then you get a the scent of a fine leather goods store with a bit of clean bay rum cologne. It's a pretty awesome take on a Barbershop scent! YouTube video placeholder
Time to sow some Freedom

I bought the Revolutionary Mack a few weeks ago. The feel is great just like the others, makes your beard soft and supple. At first the scent was not really one of my favorites, but once I started putting it to use and getting all of the scent profile throughout the day it has become one of my frequent ones now. Makes me want to go plant some freedom seeds.