Let it Fly for No Shave November!

 No Shave November


Alright, bearded brothers…it’s time to get on board for everybody’s favorite month…No Shave November! I don’t think anybody around these parts will have a problem getting up to speed on this, but let’s flesh out exactly what we’re doing this month. First up, we aren’t shaving. Why? Because we’re doing it for our brothers and sisters battling cancer. 

How does it help?

By not shaving, it draws attention to the cause which was first started by  No-Shave.org. It strikes up the conversation and raises awareness to a problem that has yet to be cured. Not shaving also shows solidarity because many cancer patients lose their own hair through treatment. You can also donate the money you would typically spend on supplies for the month to help the cause. It’s about cancer prevention and saving lives.

For the ladies

Ladies, you’re not exempt either. You might ask, but how do I show solidarity? Well, let those legs go natural. That means putting down your razor and canceling your waxing appointment. Just because you don’t have a beard doesn’t mean you can’t help the cause. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can set up a fundraising page at  No-Shave.org and support somebody who’s willing to risk their next date night to raise money.

Can I trim it?

For the guys, it’s simple. Just don’t shave. I know, I know…but what about neck beard? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to trim, but let’s cut back on the frequency so we have something to donate. If work is going to hassle you, go ahead and trim. 

How else can I show support?

Support is pretty simple. We’ve already given you a permission slip to let your beard flow in November. It doesn’t stop there though. Head over to  No-Shave.org and register to join the effort. Also, blast it on social media. Any little thing helps. Let’s put down the razors and join the battle against one of the biggest health issues in the world.  


Be safe and beard on!

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