Top Beard Myths - Busted


Welcome to the 21st Century, where beard myths continue to run rampant. You'd think after so much progress has been made on facial hair acceptance, we would have dropped the strange misinformation about our fantastic displays of beardly prowess.

However, for some reason, there are still people out there with a vested interest in keeping the beard down. Well, that's the exact opposite of what you want. You want it to grow and flourish. So together, let's spread the beard love and debunk some of these common myths. 

MYTH: A Beard Is Dirtier Than a Toilet

The first myth on this list is just simply a flat out lie, not to mention a downright disrespectful one. Your beard is a glorious manifestation of patience and care, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! This myth implies that beards are full of dirt and bacteria, making them “more disgusting than a toilet.” This myth spread like wildfire after a few local news sites picked up on a study done by a small group. This 'study' was debunked due to its lack of a control group. The fact of the matter is that hair on your face is no dirtier than the hair on your head: especially if you're washing it regularly with good quality products. 

MYTH: Shaving Makes Your Beard Grow Quicker & Thicker

Now, this is something you've probably heard since you were young; Just like chocolate milk comes from brown cows or watermelon seeds growing inside your stomach. Try not to swallow your gum on this one, but shaving your beard will not make it thicker. Thickness comes with genetics and time. The only reason the hair ‘seems’ thicker at first is because the ends against the skin have been cut at a naturally thicker spot, but this is a very temporary thing. So put that shaver away, and let your beard grow naturally.

MYTH: Patchy Beards Will Never Fill Out

See, this one is just kicking someone when they're already down. Sure, not everyone can grow a magnificent and luscious beard on this first go, sometimes not even on a second, or third go.... Like any good thing, it just takes time—your age, testosterone level and your family genetics play into how your beard will eventually appear. Don't be discouraged, and don't let misinformed research on the internet bring you down. Patchy beards can fill in with patience and time.

MYTH: Beards Get Too Hot In Summer

The only thing getting hotter is your appearance: give yourself some credit. If the fear of the summer sun beating down on your newly blossoming beard has you thinking about shaving it off, put the clippers down. Your beard may be many things, but it is not an insulator. If you are experiencing any discomfort with your beard, it's probably due to lack of softness, not temperature. Beard butter is a great way to get smooth hair and keep your beard healthy all year long, no matter the season. 

MYTH: There Are “Magic” Growth Oils Or Pills For Faster, Bigger Beards

This myth is a sales pitch, and there are many like them, but it's important to not fall for them. There is no magic pill to summon forth a beautiful beard, a wild untamed animal needs patience, and your facial hair is no exception. Beware of snake oil salesmen with fancy named ‘growth’ products: it's been around for centuries, and people still fall for it.

Building up a bountiful beard has everything to do with your genes and the time and effort it's given. There are no shortcuts to beard success, and that's what makes the victory in growing a show-stopping beard even sweeter.

MYTH: Beards “Thrive” With No Care Or Products

You've heard many stories and fairy tales surrounding beards at this point; this one, however, is the holy grail of beard growing.  You’ll hear all kinds of anecdotes about how ‘Vikings never did anything to their beards, and look how amazing they were!’ Unfortunately for those saying this, the history actually shows Vikings actually took a lot of time to care for their beards and head hair—fancy products included. Viking Myths even expanded on how critically hair and beards were to the entire Scandinavian culture.

To get a masterpiece of facial glory, you need to treat it right: This involves care routines and quality products. Your skin underneath the beard may not be visible, but it plays a significant role in your facial hair health. With good beard oil, you can create healthy non-greasy skin underneath and shiny vibrant hair on top. Every layer counts. Combine this with proper hydration, washing practices, and a good diet, and you've got yourself a perfect environment for a flawless facial feature.

Here at The Bearded Mack Grooming Co, we believe in giving you the best quality products to promote healthy beards. That's why all our products are cruelty-free: to spread awareness and meaningful growth among all our beard touting communities.

Here's to a great year and an even better beard!

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