Beard Oil vs. Beard Butter

Beard Oil vs Beard Butter: Celebrity Death Match!

Let’s get ready to RUMBBBBLEEEE! Just kidding…we thought it was just a cheeky way to explain the difference between these two outstanding products. When you’re trying to keep that chin farm healthy, both beard oil and beard butter can be beneficial. Let’s take a deeper dive into what The Bearded Mack has to offer and break down the differences.

Beard Oil:

If beard health is your goal, beard oil would be the foundation. Consider it to be the brick and mortar for your chin farm. Our beard oil soothes the skin under your mane, beating back the dry and itchy feeling that drives most dudes away from beards. This product should keep things in line and growing. The Bearded Mack’s oil is the foundation for a well taken care of beard or beard routine. We offer camellia seed oil for its drying feel which keeps the oil from feeling greasy and broccoli seed oil for its unique properties as a natural silicone. Combined? BAM…that’s good bearding. 

Beard Butter:

If styling and ultra-conditioning is your goal, beard butter might be an option for you. Our butters combine shea butter and mango butter as the main ingredients. We leave cocoa butter for other people’s ambitions. If you know, you know. Our butters are full-bodied style…get your head out of the gutter! Butter might also work for those of us with much thicker beards. You five o’clock shadow guys may be out of luck. While you look cool, you’re not styling anything with that! 

Working Together:

So how do these two things work together? You might be asking yourself that. Or maybe you’re wondering what the square root of 56 is. Use beard butter after the beard oil has absorbed and we also suggest using it before bed to wake up with a soft beard. It’ll be better than waking up with your hands between two pillows. Wait…THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS!

Beard Balms and Wax:

Oh you thought we were finished? I think not. There’s a couple of other products to consider. When you want that official finishing touch, balms and waxes may be your thing. It holds everything in place. Be careful though, this stuff isn’t meant to go through your beard. Keep it to the outside.

Stay soft and Beard On!

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