Scratch That Itch, Without Ditching Your Beard


We have all been there. One day you’re admiring your gorgeous facial locks in front of the mirror, and the next you’re thinking about grabbing your belt sander to take care of the itch. Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon. The reasons why you get serious beard itch can vary as well, but rest assured The Bearded Mack has the cure for what ails ya. You won’t need to shave that glorious mound of hair, But you should care for it properly. 

  • Causes 

One of the biggest reasons your beard can cause you some discomfort is dry skin. This is especially true if you live in a dry climate. There’s a reason why moisturizer and lip balm are top sellers in those regions, and it ain’t just because Flo down the street has a hot date on Saturday night. Keep in mind there are also skin conditions that can also cause issues. 

Ingrown hairs can also cause you some displeasure with your facial locks. There’s a few reasons for this, such as an infections caused by bacteria or a virus. A follicle can also just become clogged, and’ve got an ingrown hair. 

Lastly, you might just be new to the beard game and you’re growing out your chin farm. When you shave those whiskers, those suckers become sharp around the edges. When they grow out, you’ve got instant itching. 

  • Relief 

As promised, The Bearded Mack to the rescue! The best thing you can do for your beard is proper care, and that includes cleaning. First off, you should be taking your smelly self into the shower or bath on the daily. If that’s too much of a commitment, Grizzly Adams, then how about at least every other day? While you’re in there, wash those whiskers! Grab one of our wash bars or another one of our top-notch beard washes and conditioner to get that beard clean as a whistle. 

After that relaxing shower and with a clean beard, dry off those facial locks, but not completely dry. It is always best to apply beard products when your beard is slightly damp. Grab your favorite Bearded Mack beard oil and get that oil into your beard but focus on your skin first then work your way out towards the ends. Applying beard oil to your itchy beard will help lose that dreaded itch. Throw in some beard butter or beard balm afterwards to style and to get the softest beard this side of the Mississippi. As always, we recommend testing out a dab or two in a small area to make sure it’s not going to irritate your skin.  

Whether you buy from us or not, make sure your practicing proper beard care. If you take care of your beard, it’ll take care of you. We don’t guarantee a date with Flo down the street, but you might have a fighting chance if you don’t look like you just clawed your face off with a meat tenderizer because of the itch. 


-Keep clean and beard-on, The Bearded Mack 

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