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***PLEASE NOTE: We are going to start using black lids for the Platinum Line series. The only white lids we can locate are too flimsy for our liking and may cause leakage during shipping.***

-Size: 1 ounce

-Platinum Beard Oil Ingredients: Ostrich Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil, Baobab Oil, Black Seed Oil, Shea Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Vitamin E


-The most advanced beard oil on the market.  It's not only balanced to improve the look and feel of your beard, it will also improve the performance.  We compare it to nitrous for NITRO BURNING FUNNY CARS!


Seriously though.  When I first started crafting our new line of oils, I knew the first scent absolutely had to be made of nostalgia.  My first thought was of my dad, and how he always used Canoe.  That brought back a ton of great memories for me.

Back in 1936, Canoe was described as being in a very unique category of scents known as Fougere, which literally means “fern-like" in French.  Canoe was an Aromatic Fougere that is so classic that it’s displayed in the Smithsonian.  Traditional Fougere fragrances contained some type of Lavender, Oakmoss, and Coumarin. Add on some type of sweetness, and you have an incredible well balanced scent. This scent, although inspired by Canoe, has my own modern twist.

The Classic by The Bearded Mack was born from my father’s love of Canoe and my love for my father.  This sentimental scent is complex, intriguing, and oh so damn good. It starts out with Lemon, Lime, and Pink Pepper. I tossed in just a touch of Lavender and Oakmoss as well.  It finishes with Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla and Tonka Bean.

The Classic, while remaining true to its name, is also something unique for your beard.  Start your own tradition today, and experience the nostalgia.

-Our new line is made from...wait for it...ostrich oil.  While the idea was challenging, it was also a very exciting foray for the Bearded Mack.  We got to work, breaking down how different fatty acids can be blended for a complete and balanced beard oil.  All carrier oils contain fatty acids.  That meant months in the Bearded Mack laboratory working on which ones could be blended with the oil we pumped from a bird out back to create a complete and balanced beard oil.  What came out of that experiment was a heavy hitting combo of the best of the fatty acid profiles and ostrich oil.

We believe you'll be stunned by the results.  Ostrich oil is a beautiful carrier that will keep your beard soft as a cloud-based roll of Charmin.  It will also penetrate your skin, allowing the other oils in our blend to penetrate as well.  The oils we have listed below won us over and we’re certain they will for you.

*Test on skin for allergens

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jordan Calderwood
Great Scent Profile

The scent is fantastic, lasts all day, and the wfie digs it. Was hoping for a beard butter to go with it, so I'll wait patiently for that to arrive as an available item.

Daniel Noblitt
An instant classic!

Another absolute banger of a scent from Chris at the Bearded Mack! The attention to detail of the labels , the scent complexity and depth shine through!

Brayden C.
Best oil in my arsenal

Every time I wear this beard oil, my beard feels amazingly soft, and I get multiple complements about how good I smell. The classic gives my confidence and my beard a boost! This is definitely my favorite oil I own!

Matt White
A must have

First of all, this oil blend is nothing like anything I have ever used. My beard instantly becomes soft, style-able without being overly puffy. Now let’s talk about this scent. It’s difficult to articulate, but it’s a very classy and fresh cologne. You get the initial hints of citrus, then slowly fades into the pepper, cedar on a soft bed of lavender. It’s masculine, clean, fresh. I am normally a warmer or darker scent kind of guy, but this is in my regular rotation.

Matt, thanks so much for the wonderful review. Pumped to hear how you think of the oil and the Classic scent.

Nailed it!

Chris did an awesome job on this one! I own a beardcare company and I always support Chris because he does it right… quality ingredients that work great in my beard. I appreciate that he releases amazing products and cares about his customers. The scent on this one is excellent.

John Fox
Platinum Classic Great Oil

This oil makes my beard feel and smell great.