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**PLEASE NOTE: We will be transitioning this product to a frosted amber glass bottle to coincide with the rest of the Premier Beard Line.


On this date in 1776, our forefathers made history. The Continental Congress worked tirelessly at solid wood tables and hardwood floors under their feet to give us freedom. Clad in clean pressed suits with the warm summer breeze blowing through the windows, they hammered out what would become our Declaration of Independence.

We introduce you to the Revolutionary Mack. This sophisticated masterpiece will definitely add some powder to your wigs! It begins with a warm sweet creamy goodness of cocoa butter, cashmere, and a slight touch of fruit (grapefruit, lemon). It slowly melds into a soft leather cologne, which includes vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.

Premier Oil ingredients: 

Camellia Seed, Broccoli Seed, Fractionated Coconut, Moringa Seed, Hemp Seed, Argan, Castor, Avocado, Cranberry Seed, Tamanu, Vitamin E, Fragrance.

To Use:

Lightly dampen your glorious beard, then shake the beard oil bottle. Place desired amount of oil into your palms and gently rub them together. Massage the oil upwards under the beard into the skin working out through the ends. Style with a Bearded Mack comb or brush.

Tip: Any excess oil can be used on your head hair, face, elbows, or anywhere your skin is feeling or looking dry.

Size: 1 ounce

*Test on skin for allergens

Customer Reviews

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Start a Revolution!

In your beard. This sent is so unique like a chafon citrus vanilla. Sweet to but not over powering. Feel in beard is great with a little sheen which I like. My first order from Mack and I'm impressed! I've tried alot of oils and Mack and Beard Octane are my favs.