What's a Solid Beard Wash Bar?

Some less sophisticated people may look at the picture below and think…”isn’t this just soap?”  Au contraire my bearded friend, this isn’t just soap. We don’t recommend you soak in it like a Palmolive commercial, but you can certainly use it to wash that mass of whiskers on your face!

So what is it exactly?

Here’s what we did. We took two bottles of your favorite beard wash, drained all the water and tossed the bottle in the corner. What’s left over? All the goodness of that wash, hardened into a bar about the size of a hockey puck.  

BOOM! That’s a beard wash bar!  

Yes, we’re totally serious.

How do you use it?

Simmer down, Paul Bunyan, we’re going to tell you! Get your beard wet, grab your wash bar and run it across that facial rug a couple times. Once you’ve done that, lather that bad boy up. Don’t forget to put down the bar! Leave it out of the water stream or you might be buying it more often due to water carrying some of that valuable hardened gold down the drain. Not that we mind repeat customers, but we’re trying to save you some hard-earned dough here! Once your whiskers are lathered up, the wash goes right to work, cleaning your beard without stripping it like regular bar soap would. Unlike those products, these beard wash bars are specifically ph-balanced for beards!

Why should I switch from a bottled wash?

The better question would be, why would you NOT switch from a bottled wash? Seriously, most guys use way more of that than they should. Most makers recommend a dime or quarter-sized dollop, but you just can’t quite contain yourself…can you? Most dudes wash their hair farms in the shower and just POUR that stuff in there for optimal effect. If you do that, you might as well be pouring dollar bills down the drain! 

A beard wash bar lathers quickly, is highly portable, is concentrated, and can often give you over 100 super-foaming washes. (Like we said, it’s at LEAST 2 bottles of beard wash in one bar.)

Other benefits

  • Less Plastic

We might be a little salty here at The Bearded Mack, but we give a damn about the environment. With billions of people using several bottles each of beard wash, shampoos, body washes, etc every year, the amount of plastic waste we create is staggering. Beard wash bars don’t need bottles. Ours come ready to use, in a reusable, recyclable, water resistant tin. Plus, your lady is going to absolutely swoon over seeing that in the shower. Ok, we may have stretched that one a bit. Our writers get carried away sometimes. 

  • Travel-friendly

Ever travel with beard wash? It can be a real pain. Wanna put that in your carry-on? No dice…you’re gonna be shaken down by some overworked TSA rent-a-cop and saying bye bye to that bottle. That’ll leave you needing to pick up another on the other end of your flight. That can lead to being held hostage by whatever brands are available. Our beard wash bars are also no muss, no fuss. They’re not going to spill all over in your checked bag.  That can make for a bill from hotel laundry, or a lecture from your lady. Ever seen a woman with beard wash all over her neatly packed dresses? It’s not pretty. 

  • Space saver

One word, shelf space. Bathroom storage isn’t unlimited. Guys who live with their ladies know exactly what we’re talking about. Women take up a lot of countertop real estate. How many bottles of beard wash are in your bathroom right now? Imagine throwing those out and replacing them all with one bar. You get to remove clutter so she can move more of her stuff to the vanity. Oh, and ditching the non-recyclable plastic isn’t a bad thing either. With a beard wash bar, you also have direct control over how much or how little you use. 

  • Versatile with multiple uses 

These things are versatile! Forget to bring your handmade Whiskey ’N Hardtack bar soap when you travel? Not a problem! In a pinch, you can use your beard wash bar as a full body wash. Trust us, we’ve done this more times than we care to admit. Plus, you’ll smell great while rinsing of all that travel grime. 

Ready to raise the bar?

If you’re still on the fence, what exactly are you waiting for?!  We put together this sales pitch like champions! Seriously though, solid Beard Wash Bars are an amazing product for your beard care routine and come in some of our most popular scents. You can pick unscented if you’re kind of on the conservative side of smelling good. We have plans to be pumping out more variations through our pipeline as well.

Not sure? No worries

If you’re still not sold, that’s fine.  We have you totally covered! Our natural, PH bottled beard wash will still be there for you when you need it. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 

Beard on and wash wisely.


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