A Critically Acclaimed Scent



If you’re anything like us at The Bearded Mack, you enjoy some nostalgia, like the sophistication and style of the TV show “Mad Men.” In fact, we liked it so much, we brought that stylish flair to one of our own scents, the Mad Mack. It dials back the clock to 1960s Madison Avenue, and we hope our products are just as binge worthy as the series itself.

We’d like to think it’s the absolute most sophisticated scent Big Daddy Mack, Chris McKenzie has created to date. He literally pored over this one for weeks before coming up with a winning formula, much less time than it took the “Mad Men” cast to start chasing skirts around the office. 

Mad Mack is now currently available in your choices of beard oil, balm, and butter. We recommend getting a trio for an all-day experience. With this specific scent, Chris finds a way to honor this series as it consists of tobacco, bay leaf and sage with bright notes of citrus. It also carries lights floral, musk and woody undertones. 

While this could be deemed as a "tobacco scent,” we find this to be pushing the boundaries of sophisticated and earthy cologne. It’s also really versatile. Feel free to wear it for nights out or work events. Just don’t be surprised if you start attracting some secretaries of your own. The scent duration is fair for you and fair for your beard with a duration hitting that 6-8 hour mark. With the longer duration, by no means is this a "loud" profile.

Mad Mack will transport you back to the 1960s. We’ve even designed the bottle to make it pop on your shelf. The packaging has matching colors with a classic font that’ll set you up for your very own Madison Avenue success.


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