A Critically Acclaimed Scent



Set yourself back to July 2007. A television show by the name of Mad Men would make its debut on national television. During this time, I had just graduated high school and prepared for college. My summer that year consisted of working daily and saving up as much money as I could before leaving for my next life chapter. Like most people who work daily, I needed to find myself an escape at night, and Mad Men was just that. The show would go on for 7 seasons before, ultimately concluding in May 2015. 

Mad Men is known for its pure sophistication and stylish visual flair of the 1960s. The dialog was phenomenal, and the character development was exquisite. So, why am I writing about a television show on a beard product blog, you ask? Well, let's fast forward to 2022. 

The Bearded Mack is a Beard and Grooming company operated by a gentleman by the name of Chris. Like Mad Men, Bearded Mack is known for their sophistication and complexity within their products. This brings us to what could be Chris's most sophisticated and delicate scent he has created. The name of this product is the "Mad Mack.


If you have not figured it out by now, this is a scent inspired by the ever so popular and binge worthy television series. Mad Mack is now currently available in your choices of beard oil, balm, and butter. Me, personally, I would recommend getting a trio for an all-day experience. With this specific scent, Chris finds a way to honor this series as it consists of Tobacco and Bay Leaf, Sage along with bright notes of Citrus, light Floral, Musk, and Woody undertones.


The tobacco is incorporated respectively, and while this could be deemed as a "tobacco scent," I find this to be pushing the boundaries of a sophisticated, earthy cologne scent. When I wear this scent, I am choosing to wear it during nights out or during work events. What I like most is the complexity and the ability to wear it for multiple occasions. The scent duration is fair for you and fair for your beard with a duration hitting that 6-8 hour mark. With the longer duration, by no means is this a "loud" profile, and it is not a scent that will radiate off of your beard and be offensive to anyone around you. 


So does Mad Mack live up to its inspiration? I believe it does, and it does very well at that. If you are a fan of the series, this is a scent that will take you back to 1960's Madison Ave. and feeling ever so worldly. Let's not forget about the color scheme and presentation. Matching colors, classic font, and colors that will pop on your shelf for anyone who appreciates good presentation. If you have not seen this series, one use in your beard could set up your next television binge. 

Guest Post by: Joe Lenzo