Customer Service to the Average Man!


If you’re new to the beard game, we’re here to put you on the straight and narrow. At The Bearded Mack, we pride ourselves on customer service. Have a beard question? The Big Daddy Mack himself (Chris McKenzie) will answer! Why? Because we aren’t some big corporation that’s out to raid your wallet and eat your leftover pulled pork in the fridge. We grow beards…period. We actually use the products we sell. Even the Mack Kids are learning the art of face hair farming. Ok, so we’re joking about that last part…but are we? 

In order to grow a full, soft, and healthy beard you need tools along your journey, like beard oil, butter, wash, conditioner, and probably balm. As a new beardsman you may be thinking and asking yourself, what do I need to do? 

Buying from a small batch provider like The Bearded Mack is usually the way to go. When you do that, there is a chance that you are buying products from someone who is not only working just as hard as you are but also has a beard business as well. Think about it. When you are working your tail off and giving it 100%, don’t you want to buy products from someone who shares the same work ethic? We understand the little things in life that matter the most, such as growing a beard. That small batch owner should be passionate about their products and is willing to keep adjusting to ensure the absolute best quality for the customer. 

The Bearded Mack goes above and beyond to ensure their products are of the highest quality. In addition, we make quality products and stand behind them 100%. When you are buying beard products, not only do you want that oil to soak into your skin or that butter to spread nice and evenly, but you want that passion and dedication for your customer service.  Having a beard is a journey, which is why you should be buying your products from an owner who is always with you.


Remember. Keep it growing. 


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